life and death belong together

bothdog4I know what you want –

my fingers told me what to do
about where you might want
to be
and after
when I found the words,
(in a bag underneath my bed),
that I felt would best
how I could
break your heart –
well, that was a moment

life and death belong together
as lovers do
as pilgrims
palm to palm
we should always face each other as we
kill (in this way) each other
in the finding and the relentless knowing
that is love
that is loving
were I dead
I would hardly know it
because the sun
might enclose the world
in fire

we could burn up

and you would
you might



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3 responses to “life and death belong together

  1. Wow! Love this. Powerful. Clear. Hewn from rage? Or sadness? Whatever, it’s mighty good.

  2. […] I’ll freely admit I stole the idea for putting the skull on a stick from Peter Brook’s 2000 production with Adrian Lester. Using the shovel as the Click

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